Cigar Caddy Humidor - 10 Count

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The Cigar Caddy Humidor - 10 Count is the ideal, portable storage solution for avid cigar smokers. Made from super strong ABS molded plastic and waterproofed to a depth of 100 feet, this humidor is strong enough to float on water and withstand temperature ranges from -10° to 175° Fahrenheit. It also comes with 2 removable/replaceable locking clasps, a stainless steel latch hinge, molded lock ring for added security, and a humidifier disc for up to 10 Churchill cigars. With its removable retail hanger and sleek matte finish design, this is the perfect combination of safety and style.


Cigar Caddy is a recognized brand known for its travel humidors and storage solutions designed specifically for cigars. These products are crafted to protect cigars from external elements like moisture, air, and physical damage, making them ideal for travel or long-term storage. Cigar Caddy humidors are made from durable materials like ABS plastic or crush-proof metal, ensuring that cigars remain fresh and intact during transit or storage. They typically come in various sizes, accommodating different quantities of cigars, and often include features such as airtight seals, humidification systems, and built-in hygrometers to maintain optimal humidity levels. Overall, Cigar Caddy is a popular choice among cigar enthusiasts for maintaining the quality and condition of their cigars while on the go.