Flor de Copan Short Magnum Mild-Medium Strength Honduran Cigars

The Mayans farmed tobacco in the Santa Rosa de Copán district of Honduras, a cold hilly region near the Guatemala and El Salvador borders, thousands of years ago, knowing where to locate the optimum climatic conditions. It is here that the award-winning Flor de Copán cigars are handcrafted.

Since its launch, the Flor de Copán has written an unrivalled success story - a brand that reflects the spirit of the times while also impressing with an amazing price-benefit ratio. As a result, it's no surprise that this brand has won numerous honors in the past.
Gordito with a rich interplay of spices and subtle woody notes that is really nicely prepared. This short and bold cigar will leave you in awe with its enticing flavors and aromas that exude in each and every draw, right from the beginning! Creamy and smooth, with a savory spiciness and a lingering aftertaste of nutty and toasted tastes.

Size Short Magnum
Strength Mild
Length 4
Gauge 60
Filler Honduras
Binder Honduras
Wrapper Honduras
Country Honduras
Tasting notes Sweet, nutty, leather, earth and coffee