Firebird by Colibri Afterburner Triple Torch Cigar and Cigarette Lighter

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With their brand-new Afterburner lighter, Colibri produces a gem. Afterburner has a see-through body, three torch flames, and a large fuel adjustment wheel. This makes it easy to gauge your precise fuel levels before you run out of gasoline. This affordable flame-thrower from their Firebird series is a wonderful addition to any collection. It's a real no-brainer, especially at these outrageously attractive pricing.

Colibri, a leading brand in smoking accessories, offers a premium range of high-quality lighters, cutters, and cigar-related products. Renowned for innovation and style, Colibri stands out with advanced technology and sleek designs. Discover precision engineering and reliable functionality in their cigar lighters, including multi-flame options and integrated cigar cutters. As the top seller of Colibri products in Canada, we invite you to explore their collection online or at our Vancouver, BC location. Elevate your smoking experience with Colibri's craftsmanship and expertise.