EP Carillo Encore Celestial Toro Medium Strength Nicaraguan Cigars

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This blend is part of the ‘Family Series’ in E.P.C’s portfolio, the best cigars that he has produced. Hours upon hours have been spent blending and tweaking this blend until a cigar worthy of the Family Series stature was created. The tobacco used in this premium cigar is completely Nicaraguan. The actual tobacco itself was aged in a technique many don’t use anymore, tercios. Tercios is when the tobacco is bailed and wrapped in the bark of palm trees. This process gives the tobacco a unique flavor profile. 

The filler tobaccos deep inside are from Nicaragua’s three primary growing regions—Estelí, Condega and Jalapa—and all of it comes together in the Celestial, a Toro of immaculately detailed flavor that ranges from oak and tea to caramel sweetness with tangy citrus pops of candied orange peel. It’s elegant, refined and nuanced from first puff to last, but is also the culmination of a long career in tobacco and the result of a man who was never afraid to follow his instincts.

This passion for tobacco has made Ernest Perez-Carrillo one of the best master blenders in the world. After smoking this cigar, you will want to light up another instantly, hence Encore.


    Size Toro
    Strength Medium
    Length 6 1/8''
    Gauge 50
    Filler Nicaragua
    Binder Nicaragua
    Wrapper Nicaragua
    Country Dominican Republic
    Tasting notes tea, oak, caramel