Edwin Jagger DE Razor Orange 36 Series

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Edwin Jagger - Diffusion 36 Range - Orange & Chrome Double Edge Safety Razor

Crafted with precision, the Edwin Jagger Double Edge Safety Razor offers a traditional double-edge head complete with a complimentary Feather DE blade, an exquisite imitation ebony handle, and a chrome-plated collar and end cap. Perfectly balanced for optimal results, this razor is fit for both newcomers and experts alike.

  • Overall length of the razor 110mm
  • Handle length 87mm

Made in England

Edwin Jagger, an esteemed brand in men's grooming, epitomizes the essence of British craftsmanship and luxury. With its roots tracing back to Sheffield, England, Edwin Jagger has been at the forefront of wet shaving since its inception. Renowned for its exceptional safety razors, shaving brushes, and grooming accessories, Edwin Jagger combines traditional techniques with contemporary design to deliver a superior shaving experience. Embracing sustainability and quality, Edwin Jagger's commitment to excellence is evident in every finely crafted product, making it a trusted choice among discerning gentlemen worldwide who seek the perfect blend of style, performance, and refinement.