Dunhill Unique Barley Lighter Black PVD

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Experience the timeless quality of Dunhill's Unique Barley Lighter. Crafted with a black palladium finish, gold-plated accents, and a wheel-and-cap design, this piece combines modern convenience with classic refinement. Enjoy the feel of a lighter that has made a lasting impact. 

Length: 1.12 in.
Height: 2.57 in.
Width: 0.42 in.
Weight: 2.3 oz.

Made in England

Comes with box 

Dunhill is renowned worldwide for epitomizing wealth and achievement, complemented by traditional English values and allure. This distinctive essence is reflected in every aspect of Dunhill, from their pipes to smoking accessories. Characterized by exquisite materials, modern craftsmanship, and undeniable elegance, Dunhill's products exude sophistication and charm.