Djarum Black Bliss Original Tobacco & Nicotine Free Herbal Clove Cigarettes - Pack 20

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Discover Djarum Bliss Original Clove Smokes! Introducing nicotine–free Djarum Bliss. The same full taste and aroma that so many in the US have enjoyed, now available in Canada with zero nicotine and zero tobacco. Djarum Bliss Original Clove Smokes offer a new nicotine-free choice for Clove smokers past, present and future. Whether you know these as Clove smokes or Kreteks, one thing is certain: the natural blend of Indonesian Cloves and botanical ingredients is balanced to offer the same full-Clove experience as Djarum Clove filtered cigars – without any tobacco or nicotine. Lastly, because there is no tobacco these are not plain-packaged!