Derby Premium Half Blade 100 Pack

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  • SPECIALIZED:- Made of Chromium-Ceramic- Platinum-Tungsten and Polymer Coated Stainless Steel Best for Barbers Shavings and for barber Shops
  • ERGONOMIC : Suitable for all cut throat / Shavette Type Razors Including Shaving factory, Dovo, Focus, and parker, These Single Edges Blades Perfect for barber Razors and Exchange able ,Sliding Barber Razors,
  • VERSATILE : Only when high-quality materials ,stylish and effective functionality are perfectly combbind in a single product,Says ProMax Mean Professional Maximum Quality ,Our Passion is To give everyday object of the male everyday upgraded,And not to the next possible ,But the highest possible level ,A good Razor Blades is sharp and beautiful, Consistently well product for consistently man!
  • CONVENIENCE:- You Don't Need to Split Double Edge Razor Blades any More, These Blades are Perfectly design for Barbers razors for Wet Shaving and Perfect Single Edge Blades
  • SAFETY:- Derby 100 Half Razor Blades In a Box with 100% satisfaction guarantee