Himalayan Handmade Candles - Forged Bowl - Tobacco Bark 22 OZ

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Envisioning a rugged, hardy, and bold candle, the Blacksmith Collection is meticulously crafted to complement every home, from contemporary styles to farmhouse decor. The Himalayan Blacksmith Forged Bowl candles are handsome and weighty forged iron bowls, boasting a blackened, textured finish and a coordinating foiled dustcover. Measuring six inches by two and a quarter inches tall, these candles feature three wicks for a captivating glow.

Key Features:

  • Sturdy Design: Handsome and weighty forged iron bowls with a blackened, textured finish.
  • Dimensions: Six inches by two and a quarter inches tall for a substantial and eye-catching presence.
  • Three Wicks: For a warm and inviting glow.
  • Coordinating Dustcover: Adds an attractive finishing touch.

Hand-poured in Georgia by experienced candle makers, the Blacksmith Forged Bowl contains twenty-two ounces of a clean-burning soy wax blend sourced from the United States. Himalayan's distinctive fragrances are carefully curated to be saturated with layers of nuance, complexity, and intricacy, designed to transport you to specific moments in time, rich with memories and nostalgia.