Colibri Ascari Triple Flame Lighter - Red

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Light up your cigar in style with the Colibri Ascari Triple Flame Lighter. This high-quality piece features a tall ergonomic body, oversized Pachmyr exterior grip, and triple flame torch for fast and efficient lighting. Plus, a double punch cutter on a sliding track and a metallic wrap finish make the Ascari perfect for cigars of all ring gauges. Monitor your fuel level with the signature blue fuel window, and use the half wheel fuel adjuster for complete control. 

3.81 x 1.27 x 8.26 cm


Colibri, a leading brand in smoking accessories, offers a premium range of high-quality lighters, cutters, and cigar-related products. Renowned for innovation and style, Colibri stands out with advanced technology and sleek designs. Discover precision engineering and reliable functionality in their cigar lighters, including multi-flame options and integrated cigar cutters. As the top seller of Colibri products in Canada, we invite you to explore their collection online or at our Vancouver, BC location. Elevate your smoking experience with Colibri's craftsmanship and expertise.