Brizard & Co "La Casita de Puros" Humidor - Black Python & Purple (12/20 Count)

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La Casita de Puros (The little house of cigars) is primarily designed for your desk but also for any limited space area such as kitchen counters, small shelves or coffee table.

 It is literally a mini humidor as it's built with all the same features as our other humidors :

  • Thick Spanish cedar walls and premium nickel plated hinges 
  • Airflow system (Powered by Boveda) - 360 humidification-
  • Includes digital hygrometer
  • Key & lock

It's shape is the one of a treasure chest and is fully covered with leather including on the bottom.

It holds from 12 to 20 cigars (Gauge ring varying between 46 and 58). Comes with 2 adjustable cedar dividers.

Approx. Size: 8.5" (Length) x 7" (Width) x 4" (Height)

Made in USA

Instructions for Use:

All wooden humidors need to be seasoned before use. The reason is two-fold; (1) to raise the moisture level in the wood so it'll be in equilibrium with your cigars, otherwise the wood will rob moisture from your cigars if it's too dry, and (2) the lid won't seal as well as it should.

Before using your humidor, you will need to place 3 or 4 Boveda seasoning packs inside the humidor, close the humidor and leave it like that for 2 weeks.

After 2 weeks, replace the seasoning Boveda pack (84% RH) with regular Boveda 62%-75% RH (72% Boveda packs are recommended)

Use one packet for every 25 cigars your humidor can hold. For this Hacienda humidor, place two packs inside the wood interior pocket and a third pack under the tray (under the cigars).

Brizard & Co is a renowned brand celebrated for its exquisite craftsmanship and timeless elegance. With a heritage rooted in tradition, the brand delivers exceptional luxury accessories, including cigar cases, lighters, and wallets. Each piece is meticulously crafted with attention to detail, using premium materials to ensure lasting quality. Brizard & Co epitomizes refined sophistication and remains a symbol of distinction in the world of luxury brands.