Brigham 2 Pipe Black Leather Case

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There may be many moving pieces when it comes to pipe smoking. A pipe may be small enough to fit in a pocket, but if you add a lighter, tamper, pipe cleaners, and tobacco, it may become too much for your pockets to hold. Brigham uses this Combo Pouch to address that problem. A large tobacco pouch can be accessed by the top zipper, and a single briar is kept inside a half-zippered chamber beneath it. A side pocket on the arrangement makes it simple to store all of your necessary supplies.


Brand: Brigham

Model: 2 Pipe Case - Black

Length: 7.97 in. / 202.49 mm.

Height: 4.54 in. / 115.55 mm. 

Width: 2.18 in. / 55.40 mm. 

Weight: 7.8 oz. / 222 g. 

Material: Leather

Color: Black

Number of Pipes Held: 2