Boveda 72% Humidipack 320g

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Boveda's mainstay for wood humidor upkeep has previously been the biggest and the most popular for its size (60 grams). 3–4 packs are typically utilized for a desktop humidor to operate well. With our 320-gram pouch, this procedure has been consolidated into a bigger single item. Boveda revolutionized cigar storage by offering a mess-free and worry-free method of humidity control.

Boveda is a leading brand specializing in humidity control products for various applications, including the cigar and cannabis industries. Known for their innovative technology, Boveda offers humidity packs that help maintain optimal moisture levels for cigars, cannabis flower, and other sensitive products. Boveda packs are designed to release or absorb moisture as needed, ensuring a precise and stable humidity environment. The brand's patented two-way humidity control system provides reliable moisture management, preserving the quality, flavor, and freshness of stored items. With a range of humidity levels available, Boveda allows users to customize their storage conditions based on their specific needs.