Beardbrand Beard Softner Tea Tree

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Tea Tree is a crisp, fresh blend that inspires adventures. Imagine taking a step outside into the brisk morning air in the mountains. With notes of vanilla and peppermint, it's the perfect refreshing scent to wear anytime.


If you have trouble running your fingers, comb, or brush through your beard, that means your whiskers are tangled. If not addressed, those tangles can cause split ends and breakage, which contributes to your beard feeling like steel wool. Beard Softener helps untangle the mess, returning your beard to the land of the well-groomed and making it easier to style. The benefits don’t stop at having a softer, more touchable, and easier to style beard. Beard Softener also soothes beard itch, helps get rid of dandruff, and makes your beard smell awesome.


Start with a damp beard. Squeeze a dime-sized amount into your hands, rub together, and apply to beard. Focus on the ends of your beard and allow it to soak for one to two minutes. For deeper conditioning, apply the softener to your beard and leave it in for 30 minutes. Rinse and pat your beard dry.


3.4 fl oz / 100 ml (approx. 3 months)

Beardbrand, a grooming powerhouse, was born in 2012 with the mission to revolutionize the way men care for their facial hair. Hailing from Austin, Texas, this brand originated from the desire of its founder, Eric Bandholz, to provide premium grooming products specifically tailored to the needs of the bearded community. Today, Beardbrand stands as a testament to its commitment to quality, innovation, and self-expression, empowering men worldwide to embrace their beards with confidence and style.