18.21 Man Made Beard, Hair and Skin Oil - Sweet Tobacco - 60ml

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Rev up for an oil transformation! Drawing inspiration from the legendary Route 66, the Beard, Hair, and Skin Oil is a top-tier, premium oil blend designed to seal in vital hydration, providing weightless strength and conditioning for your skin and locks.

To apply, simply use it on a wet or dry beard, hair, and skin, then allow it to air dry or use a blow dryer. For an extra smoothing effect, mix it with pomade or other styling products.


This lightweight oil performs wonders on beards, skin, and hair, thanks to its weightless emollient properties. It not only fortifies and smoothens your beard but also soothes the skin beneath. On wet hair, it adds softness and thickness, reducing blow-dry time. Plus, it's excellent for hydrating skin and enhancing the vibrancy of tattoos.


Our non-greasy oil brings calm and conditioning to your hair and skin without any heavy residue. Its unique, light formula leaves your hair feeling thicker and also helps combat rough, dry, and flaky skin.


Developed by third-party experts over many years, this formula features ingredients rich in healthy fatty acids and beneficial properties for both skin and hair. Ingredients like castor seed oil, dog rose oil, jojoba, and precious argan oil ensure premium quality.


Many men overlook self-pampering. It's up to you to introduce your dad, best friend, or birthday celebrant to these exceptional products they'll never want to part with. If you have a recent graduate in mind, consider Man Made as a meaningful rite of passage. Your choice, but they'll cherish every drop.

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