UK Shipping Policies - Tobacco Restrictions, Fees, and Duties

Thank you for choosing to shop with us! We want to ensure a smooth shopping experience and provide you with all the necessary information regarding our shipping policies, especially in relation to purchasing tobacco products and potential fees. Kindly review the details below before placing your order.

Shipping from British Columbia, Canada:

We're proud to operate from beautiful British Columbia, Canada. All our orders are shipped using our trusted national shipping carrier, ensuring your items are delivered safely and efficiently to your location.

Tobacco Restrictions for UK Customers:

For our customers located in the United Kingdom, it's important to note that there are quantity limitations for specific tobacco products in accordance with UK regulations:

- Cigarettes: Maximum of 200 cigarettes per order.
- Cigarillos: Maximum of 100 cigarillos per order.
- Cigars: Maximum of 50 cigars per order.
- Tobacco (including Pipe, RYO and shisha tobacco): Maximum of 250g per order.

Cart Quantity Limitations During Checkout:

As you proceed to checkout, please keep in mind that our system will automatically enforce the above-mentioned quantity restrictions for tobacco products. If you attempt to add more than the allowed quantity to your cart, the system will adjust the quantity to the maximum allowed.

Additional Fees and Duties:

Please be aware that orders shipped internationally, including to the United Kingdom, may be subject to additional fees and import duties. These charges are determined by customs authorities and are separate from the shipping fees you pay during checkout. Any fees or duties incurred are the responsibility of the recipient and may be collected at the time of delivery.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding our tobacco restrictions, shipping policies, or potential fees and duties, please don't hesitate to contact us. We're here to assist you and provide the information you need.

Thank you for choosing us for your shopping needs. We look forward to serving you!