Peterson St. Patricks Day #102 Fishtail

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Experience elegance with Peterson's slender, lightweight straight Billiard design. This refined version departs from the usual robust proportions, embracing the classic style reminiscent of vintage French pipes.

Since 1998, Peterson has annually unveiled a special edition St. Patrick's Day line, showcasing popular shapes in a distinct Irish finish. The 2022 edition continues this tradition, enhancing Classic Range shapes with bright nickel army mounts, emerald green acrylic mouthpieces, earthy dark brown stains, and timeless rusticated finishes. Each pipe comes with its matching green leather pipe stand, celebrating a perfect blend of tradition and innovation.

Established in 1874 by German émigré Frederick Kapp, Peterson is a renowned pipe brand that transitioned from London to Dublin in 1875. Initially crafting pipes from meerschaum and briar root, a novel material at the time, the brand evolved with the addition of Latvian woodworker Charles Peterson in 1875. In 1890, Charles patented a groundbreaking moisture-wicking system, revolutionizing pipe design and winning accolades. By 1896, Peterson had secured international acclaim, transforming into a leading export factory. Today, as the world's oldest continuously operating briar pipe factory, Peterson preserves a legacy of craftsmanship spanning 150 years. Each Peterson pipe, whether sought by collectors or first-time buyers, is more than a utilitarian tool – it's a historical companion for life's journey.