Ties in Vancouver

Ties for every man’s taste and size can be found in our Vancouver store and online collection. No matter what your style is, you’ll find the right size, color or pattern to suit whatever occasion your outfit requires.

Our stock is carefully sourced from some of the best brands all over the world. Shop our quality products from Wurkin, Ecofeu and Dalvey.

Finding the Right Tie for You

With so many choices, finding the perfect tie is never going to be simple. Here are some of the things that set different ties apart, and how each one can help you create the perfect look.




Ties come with a standardized length of near 60 inches each. Most are slightly below that, but extra long versions exists for taller men, up to 62”. Despite the difference, most can be worn as short or long regardless of their lengths. This is done by feeding more or less of the length through the knot.

Tie width is personal choice, but is often dictated by the fashion of the times. For the last few years, ties have trended thinner, but even that is just a return to the styles that were popular decades ago. You can find some with different thicknesses, so that you can always be ready for changing trends.

The type of fabric in a tie determines the perceived quality more than most other factors. Cotton, polyester and wool are some of the most common materials for casual ties, whereas silk is the king fabric for the most formal versions. Most of the finest products are made exclusively of silk.




Some ties are woven with thick threads that make it possible to see the texture with the naked eye. This is most common with wool, and is considered a more casual look. Silk types are often so tightly knit that it is difficult to make out the texture without looking very closely. Ties come in almost every color, and you’ll find a complete collection of different colors and mixes in our stock. Dark, single-colors without any images are the most professional and formal option. Bright single-color ties can be appropriate for warm weather and casual events. In addition to single colors, they can come in a massive variety of looks. While patterned ties should be avoided for the most formal events, the amount of variety you have to choose from for casual events is endless.

Questions about Our Ties in Vancouver or Online?

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