Stylish Men’s Socks in Vancouver

Find your next set of eye-catching socks at Revolucion. These aren’t your normal gym socks. They’re the most interesting designs that we’ve curated from some of the best brands all over the world, brought together in our Vancouver and online stores.

Our selection is drawn from dynamic brands like Sock It, who focus on unique designs unlike anything you’ve seen before. From lively animals to landscapes, they create products that send a message about your personality and style.

Choose Socks that Fit Your Style

It’s easy to find the perfect choice for a creative or formal outfit. It’s just a matter of choosing from all of our available sock options that make a difference.




The different length options determine their function. The shortest, often called “invisible” socks because they cannot be seen with most shoes on, are best for sports. The longest versions are those designed for cold weather wear. Most of the products we carry are meant to be visible, and are between quarter length and crew length.

The choice of the fabric is one of the major factors that determines the durability of a sock. Most fine socks are a blend of fabrics that allow them to stand up to different types of stresses. Cotton, polyester, and spandex are some of the most common fabrics in fine versions. Wool may also be used for cold-weather use, and in some formal styles.

The knit refers to the pattern created by the fabric before any colour or designs are added. Sometimes, a thick knit is done to create the deliberate textures that often appear on cold-weather and comfort socks. A very tight weave with small strands creates a shine and allows designs to stand out in much great detail.




The thickness has little to do with their appearance, and everything to do with their function. Thick socks are a pleasure to have in cold weather. Both thick and thin styles are available with all kinds of designs. Get every colour you can imagine to combine with your different outfits and shoes. We carry every colour in the rainbow in our collection to allow you to find a match or an interesting contrast. We carry some of the most interesting designs for socks that you’ll find anywhere. Whether you want a design that’s formal or fun, you can find socks in our store that feature designs based on holidays, wildlife, hobbies and more.

All of these options and more can be found in our extensive stock of different men’s sock styles, located just below.

Questions about our Socks in Vancouver or Online?

If you have any questions about our selection of socks, please feel free to contact us. You can reach us through the contact information provided here, or by visiting our flagship location in Vancouver.