Rolling Tobacco Accessories in Vancouver

All of the tobacco accessories you need are waiting for you here at our Revolucion flagship store in Vancouver, and in our online shop.

We have everything you need for pleasure or convenience. Our products are sourced from some of the best and oldest brands in the world, some with more than 100 years of history providing excellent products ike Boveda, Rizal and Odet Cascadet Bolloré (OCB).

Do You have the Tobacco Accessories You Need?

If you need it, you can find it in our extensive collection that is located just below. Make sure you don’t forget important accessories such as these:

Rolling Papers

Rolling Boxes

Disposable Filters

Rolling papers are an essential accessory if you’re using rolling tobacco. Papers come in an amazing variety of different materials, designs and features such as pre-attached filters. These papers can be made of one of dozens of types of fibers or compounds.

Rolling boxes, also known as rolling machines, are small mechanical devices that make it easy to roll a cigarette. The filled papers are simply placed inside, and then the mechanism is used to press the cigarette into the proper shape.

For superior filtration, make sure that your collection of tobacco accessories include separate disposable filters. For your convenience, these come in large packs of up to 100 plastic or glass filters. Each one can be easily attached to the end of a rolled cigarette.

Rolling Paper Options in Vancouver

You can completely customize your smoking experience with rolling papers. These are just a few of the different types of papers that you can buy at our store in Vancouver and why they matter.



Attached Filters

There are several different sizes of rolling papers available that are very popular. The most standard sizes are between 70mm and 110mm in width. The largest size is often labelled as “king size”. Length is less standardized, but most papers are between 2 ¾ and 4 inches long.

Rolling papers are made from many different materials, but all quality papers are expected to burn well. There is no real ‘best’ material for these papers, as it often comes down to personal preference. Available material options include Hemp, Flax, rice straw. Any of these may be organic materials.

Rolling papers can come with some interesting features. For example, one great feature is to have a filter that comes pre-attached. This saves you a step so you don’t get frustrated by keeping a filter in place while the cigarette is being rolled. Even cigarettes that come with attached filters can be used with disposable filters.

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