Pocket Squares in Vancouver and Online

Put the finishing touches on your suit or sports jacket with one of our eye-catching pocket squares. They can help you make a great fresh impression by choosing the right sizes, colours and patterns that perfectly match your style and for any occasion.

Our products are carefully sourced from some of the best men’s formal companies in the world. Our Vancouver and online stores have a large selection of interesting options from some of the top brands like Stone Rose and Dibi.

Choosing the Right Pocket Square for Your Suit

Pocket squares come in a large variety of different styles and designs. Here are some of the factors that our products apart, and why each factor can help you determine the perfect one for you.




Pocket squares range from 10x10 inches to sizes almost as large as a bandana. You should make the decision on size based on how prominent you want your square to look. Make sure you check the pockets of your jacket to determine how well it can accommodate a larger or thicker version.

They can be made from many fine materials. Those made to be matched to summer outfits or casual blazers often use lighter fabrics like cotton or linen. For formal jackets, silk is considered the most appropriate material since the shine it has is a perfect match to a woven wool jacket.

Though pocket squares do come in any colour, they most often feature eye-catching patterns of colour that are designed to provide a contrast or interesting flair to an otherwise formal suit jacket. Patterns may include lines, dots, or embroideries of famous art patterns like paisley and art deco.

Different Options for Folding Pocket Squares

When you find the perfect pocket square for the occasion, you still have many options to communicate who you are by the type of fold you use. Here are several of the popular folds you can use to send different messages.

Square Folds

Point/Peak Folds

Puff Folds

The most traditional fold is still the best option for formal occasions. The square is neatly folded and placed so that it peeks just above the pocket line and serves to make the square visible, but not prominent. If you plan to use the square fold, you should choose a solid colour without too much added flair.

The point fold, also known as the peak fold, is one that allows you to show off more of the square itself — especially it’s border, if it has a different colour. The square comes out of the pocket in points, like a mountain range. The number of points is up to you, with a range of one to four being popular options.

Puff folds are done by rolling the pocket square on itself to create a softer, rounder shape. Puff folds are popular because they resemble roses or tulips, similar to a corsage. This is a great fold tyle to use with blazers and summer suits that are less formal, where you want your style to stand out more.

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