Find Key Chains that Fit Your Style in Vancouver

Enhance your personal style, or get the tools you need ready at your fingertips with one of our modern keychains. From Wi-Fi connectivity to personal tools and emergency measures, the newest keychains can really improve your daily life.

Become the Modern Man with Key Chains

Modern keychains are so much more than trinkets. Premium metals like titanium have allowed for tiny tools that have the durability of full-size versions and combinations with other amazing technologies. Here are some that you can use to be ready for any situation.

Bluetooth Key Chains

Emergency Cash Keychains

Utility Keychains

The latest tech-based keychains come with the latest internet-of-things technology. That means models that can help you locate your keys when you need them by beeping loudly enough to be easily located. You’ll never lose your keys again. Or, choose from keychains with USB drives that allow you to store your files on-the-go in a form you’re not likely to ever lose. Cash stash keychains have been exploding in popularity in the last few years. These small accessories are designed to look by simple ornaments, or to blend in with the rest of your keys, but when opened from a hidden latch or screw, they reveal a hidden compartment where you can keep a tight roll of cash that has been stashed away for emergencies. Having it makes you ready for whatever life throws at you. If you’re the type of person that always loves to have a tool on hand, you need the flexibility of utility keychains. These models, such as those from Victorinox and Dunhill come with a range of tiny tools that are made of materials strong enough to work in many different situations even though they’re small enough to be incredibly convenient. The accessories we carry include tiny flashlights, multi-tools, and tools designed especially for emergencies.

We carry many other types of keychains that can enhance your life and your personal style. Take convenience a step further with our key cases, nail clip kits and small toys.

Stylish and Conversation-Starting

In addition to providing you with the connectivity and tools that you need, our keychains include amazing collectors toys and visual art pieces from great brands like Troika. These attractive accessories are the kind that get noticed wherever you go. Stand out by choosing one of our toy keychains.

Questions about our Key Chains?

The team at Revolucion is here for any questions you have about our keychains or other accessories. In addition to the items that you see here, you can find a collection of other keychains at our store in Vancouver. Please contact us here using our convenient contact form, or visit us at our first location!