Ice Tools and Trays

Ice tools and trays are an important tool for anyone who frequently enjoys strong drinks. Crafting the perfect experience, on your own, or during a party in Vancouver, takes tools that allow you to more perfectly control each part of the drink mixing process.

Ice is one of the important elements of all cocktails, and the tools that are available can really make it easy for you to enhance your enjoyment of each one. Set your personal cocktails apart with ice that comes in interesting shapes, or is served in an attractive container.

What Ice Tools do You Need for A Party?

Whether you’re hosting a party or just a small group of friends, you can’t really host until you have all of the right ice tools and trays. Being able to make, serve and impress an audience with ice is a talent that takes a lot of the right equipment. Here’s what you need to impress every time…

Ice Molds

Ice Buckets

Ice Trays

Ice moulds are a great hosting option that allows you to add your own personal flair to whatever you’re serving. Ice moulds allow you to create sophisticated or novel shapes such as spheres and oversized whiskey rocks. You may even be able to find ice moulds for sale that feature the shapes of popular characters or objects. Theme a party with ice moulds shaped like sport’s balls. Having a proper ice bucket is a mark of sophistication. It will serve you well whenever you’re serving certain wines for formal events like anniversaries, birthdays and weddings. Having a good ice bucket is especially helpful if you’re sharing champagne in an intimate setting. Each glass of champagne should be as chilled as the last, and that means the champagne needs someplace really cold to rest until it’s empty. If you care about always having ice handy, or if you’re popular enough to always need extra ice, you can benefit from having a wide array of different trays to choose from. One of the benefits of having a collection of trays is that you can begin matching the ice you need to the kind of cocktails that you’re going to be serving. You can start making large amounts of either large whiskey-styled ice cubes or the small thin style European ciders are served with.

Frequently Asked Questions about Ice Tools & Trays

What other tools are helpful?

Ice tongs are a little different than other tongs and can help complete the set if you’re looking for everything you need for an attractive cocktail bar layout.

What are ice tools made of?

Ice tools come in many materials and colors to fit the different styles of people who need to frequently serve drinks. Tools may be made of metal or hardened plastic. They’re most frequently made of materials that can easily handle long periods of moisture. Sometimes bamboo, but rarely other woods.

What are ice moulds made of?

Most modern ice moulds are shaped from silicone. This is the case for many of our ice moulds in Vancouver.