Amigos Original Medium Strength Ecuadorian Club Cigarillo

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A well-balanced, blended short filler mini cigarillo and the ideal companion for the smoker on the move. Just the right 8.4 cm size for convenience and just the right blend for that refined moment of quiet pleasure only a good cigar can bring.

Amigos Original features a clear Ecuadorian wrapper, HTL binder and a blend of fillers from Indonesia, Brazil, The Dominican Republican and features special French Burley filler.

Strength: Medium

Origin: Ecuador


In 1926, Maurits Vandermarliere, the visionary founder, embarked on a journey to craft cigars above his humble cigar shop in Moen, Belgium. As demand soared, the attic production line soon outgrew its limits, prompting Maurits to establish a dedicated cigar factory in the nearby village of Heestert in 1936. While Maurits initially pursued a different profession as a sexton, his decision to bring authentic smoking pleasure to people proved to be an inspired career move. Through his passion and craftsmanship, Maurits Vandermarliere laid the foundation for a legacy that continues to delight cigar aficionados to this day.