Globes have been a sophisticated decoration for a long time. Once, they were so valuable that they only appeared in the finest homes. Now they are widely available for anyone who wants to design their living space to match their sense of style.

The ones that are manufactured today are some of the most interesting that have ever been made. In addition to amazing advancements in detail and color accuracy, new methods of manufacturing have allowed them to be created with new materials, new shapes and other exciting customizations.

See our globes to find the perfect conversation piece to tie your design theme together.

Modern Types of Globes in our Vancouver Store

While the earth will always be the most classic object, you can make your design a lot more personal by choosing one that’s not like any your guests have seen before. Check out these options from our stock...

Exotic Shapes

Modern types take advantage of more abstract ways to present the geography of the earth. In addition to being balanced on poles, they come suspended in crystal-clear squares. They are the perfect addition to a living space that is focused on an eclectic or abstract design.

As a more artistic decoration, these should be placed somewhere out in the open — like an entryway or living room. A square style is an instant curiosity to guests and an easy conversation starter.

Interesting Materials

The globes you may have seen in classrooms were likely made of paper pressed to cardboard. You have so many other options to choose from when it comes to this sophisticated decoration today. They come in glass, resins, and metals, which allows for globes that come across beautifully in silver, bronze, crystal-clear detail and other new looks.

These are the perfect option to enhance the look of a library, smoking room or home bar. They’re noticeable, but in a sophisticated way rather than an attention-grabbing one. They make great pieces to contemplate while you’re studying, listening to music or just enjoying some time to yourself.

Other Planets

Those who grew up loving the mystery of other planets will find that they now come with the geography of not only the earth, but also every celestial body in the solar system. Find options that feature Pluto, Jupiter, Saturn and other planets among our globes in Vancouver.

These are great pieces to feature in a work or lab space, and will catch the eye of anyone that passes them. They also make an amazing display piece to go next to diplomas and other accomplishments in the sciences.

Even if you aren’t buying it for yourself, planetary versions make an excellent graduation gift for students.


In addition to the planets, some of the latest globes take advantage of clear materials to show off the locations and positions of the constellations. Buy one of these beautiful pieces to show off a love of the stars, or just to have a sleek black globe that isn’t like a typical one.