Hip Flasks

Hip flasks are the best choice for the man on the go. Whether simple and discrete or extravagant and eye-grabbing, the flask has been a constant companion of campers, hunters, mountain climbers and veterans of many formal events.

Flasks are available in several standard sizes. These are 6OZ, 7OZ, and 8OZ on the larger end.

All of our hip flasks will serve you well, but like any object with a long history, there is more variety than some first-time buyers know what to do with. Read on to learn more about the different kinds of styles that are available here and in our Vancouver store, and how to make sure they’re a match to your lifestyle.

Types of Finishes and Covers

All the Flasks in Vancouver we sell come in a variety of finishes that are meant to reflect personal styles or to serve the way they’re intended to be used. One of the major style differences that set flasks apart is their finish or material.




Many flasks, and whisky hip flasks, in particular, come wrapped and leather, and it’s a classic choice for a reason. In addition to being stylish and available in a huge amount of different designs, it’s a helpful feature to have in cold climates. If you’re taking a flask out on a winter trail, you want it to be one that’s going to be comfortable to grab and grip. Most flasks are made out of metal, and are styled either with eye-catching finishes or stamped designs. Metal flasks may come in steel, brass or silver and be plated with other metals like nickel and gold. Flasks can be engraved with any number of custom designs, whether that’s pictures of epic wildlife scenes or family crests. Wood panels are a classic style option that has just as many style applications as an all-metal design. Wood is pressed onto the metal surface of the flask so that the wood panel can then be engraved or left alone. Wood, like leather, is a great way to make flasks easier to handle in cold weather or in natural environments.

Interesting Features on Hip Flasks

Here are some of the interesting features that you may find on hip flasks. Each one can help you further determine which hip flask best fits your lifestyle.

Artwork & Engraving

Finding artistically-styled flasks is easy, as they have existed for hundreds of years, and remain popular today. Look for artwork that speaks to your hobbies or affiliations. It’s often easy to have flasks engraved by any jeweller, so buy gift flasks made of whatever metal you like and then have your own work done.

Cigar Tubes

Cigar tubes are small cylinders attached to the sides of some flasks that allow you to stash a cigar of the right size. Though not a common feature, it’s not hard to find whisky hip flasks in Vancouver with tubes that can carry all the standard sizes of a cigar.


Some finer hip flasks feature glass windows at the center so that you can easily monitor the amount that’s left in the flask at any given time. The downside is these models aren’t as reliable when it comes to surviving drops.