There are few accessories that are more versatile or necessary to men’s formal wear than cufflinks. They have existed for hundreds of years, and have taken hundreds of different forms over time. While new looks and styles are pioneered frequently, few of them ever age out of style. Old ones of excellent quality remain valued by the next generation when well-cared for.

We carry the products of many of the best makers today, including Dalvey, Wurkin, Rochet, Legere, Hoxton, DuPont, Dunhill and many more.

Finding the Right Cufflinks for Your Style

Finding the best match to your personal style by looking through our extensive selection. Whether you’re looking for an extremely formal look, or a style that shows you have flair, you’re going to find something exciting.

To find the perfect look for you, consider the messages that are sent by the many materials and finishes that are available for cufflinks.

Materials and Finishes



Stainless Steel

Silver is the more affordable of the precious metals that is used to make cufflinks compared to gold, platinum and many more. Silver is simply a better match for some suit colors and occasions because of its more clean and understated look. Gold has long been the preferred material for people who like to stand out, and cufflinks made of gold will always be the perfect match to stand-out evening wear. Choose gold cufflinks with bold patterns and designs when you want to be noticed. Stainless steel is a more modern material that is becoming more popular. Many men appreciate the ease-of-care and the resilient nature of stainless steel. Despite the fact that this metal isn’t precious, stainless steel cufflinks can be formal and extravagantly crafted by designer labels.

In addition to material, cufflinks are set apart by what is featured on their faces. The designs and decorations matter greatly when it comes to finding a perfect match to your style.

Designs and Decorations





Gems of different levels of value are often used for cufflinks. No matter the color, they are very noticeable, and larger gems are the most easy to show off. Artwork is becoming more popular as it’s easier to print fine detail than it ever has been before. The artwork that is featured often includes animals, captivating patterns and more. Glass is an even more versatile alternative to gems, and because of its easy workability and low cost, it can be used to crease some amazing designs. Glass is often used with multiple colors. In addition to a material for the fittings, metal can also be used on the face. Metal of all kinds stand out when twisted and corded into interesting designs.

There are endless other styles to choose from. Our collection includes different accessories to match any look, and designs to match any personal style.

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