Collar Stays in Vancouver

The secret to a truly professional look is the individual attention paid to each part, especially the collar that frames the face. Collar stays are a wonderful invention that keep collars stiff and pointed at the angles that they are supposed to be.

Every man should have a small collection of these helpful pieces of jewelry--not just because they should be left in dress shirts while they are hung up to keep the collar from curling, but also because it’s always handy to have a couple available to share and give as helpful gifts for men.

For these reasons, good collar stays from top brands like Wurkin Stiffs make great graduation gifts for students who are headed for the professional fields. There are two types of stays that are typically used, so it’s helpful to have some of both.

Collar Stay Types

Typical Stays

Polo Collar Stays

These are the normal types of stays that are designed for light fabrics like cotton, silk, linen and other materials that are typically used for dress shirts. These stays are nearly concealed when applied properly, and they make the collar behave as if it is perfectly starched into place. Leaving these stays in place while shirts are being stored can keep the collar and collar ends in top condition for a longer amount of time. Polo stays have the same duty as normal stays, but they are designed for the thicker fabrics and are slightly different shaped for polo shirts. Golfers, tennis players and other sports lovers enjoy polo collar stays for how well they keep collars from getting in the way or popping up in the wind. If you wear a lot of polo shirts, you will want a small collection of polo collar stays to make the collars stay put.

How to Use Collar Stays

Most formal shirts have special pockets on the underside of the collar where you can insert the stay. However, if your shirt has no such pockets, you aren’t out of luck. Collar stays can also be held on through clips or involve two magnetic pieces that affix to either side.

While most stays have the same shape, there is a quite a bit of personal style involved when it comes to choosing one. Collar stays are generally separated by their material (plastic or metal), but can also be differentiated by length and thickness.

Heavier stays behave differently than lighter ones (for example, heavy stays are more resistant to breezes and being jostled around), however, some people find heavy stays look stiff and over-formal compared to lighter ones. It all comes down to personal choice.

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