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we have a wide variety of top cigar brands from some of the best names in the game including Montecristo, Romeo y Julieta, Ashton, Arturo Fuente, Padron, Davidoff, Tatuaje, Drew Estate, Partagas, Macanudo, Punch, Hoyo de Monterrey, Avo, and hundreds more. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned aficionado, there are top rated cigars for every smoker available. This is the ideal spot to fill your humidor with the finest top of the line cigars and indulge in luxury cigar smoking at its best!


Cigars from All Over the World—Partagas Cigars, Montecristo Cigars and More!

We are no ordinary Vancouver cigar shop. Our premium selection of cigars includes both popular and hard-to-find selections. They’re sourced from the finest tobacco growing regions in the world. We have Dominican cigars and cigars from Nicaragua, Mexico and, of course, Cuba. We are an Appointed Habanos (Cuban) Cigar Specialist Store, meaning that we have met all the requirements based on Habanos SA (The Official Cuban Cigar Co.) and Havana House Canada (Official Cuban Cigar Importer of Canada). This status means we can carry select limited edition and reserva edition cigars.

Cigar Varieties by Shape
Cigars come in a variety of interesting shapes, flavors and sizes that are sure to fit the tastes of any cigar fan. Different shapes have the potential to improve the burn, increase fresh lifespan, increase airflow and change the way you enjoy cigars. Here are some of the common varieties of shape that you can find at our store.
Parejos Figurados Cigarillos
‘Parejos’ is the name given to cigars that are straight-sided, though they may be pressed into a shape that is either organically round or square. By tradition, they typically have one foot cut open so that the cigar can be easily lit. Most popular cigar styles are Parejos, including the Corona, Churchill and Robusto styles. Any cigar that is not traditionally shaped as a cylinder with straight sides is called a Figurados. These novel shapes are increasingly popular with cigar manufacturers who are trying to keep up with adventurous fans. Figurados may set themselves apart with tapered sides (either to one direction or both). Pyramid, Torpedo and Perfecto cigars are in this style. Cigarillos are cigars that are shaped and sized more like cigarettes, but are constructed like cigars. While shorter and thinner than traditional cigars, they still retain the traditional filling and are still wrapped in leaves. Cigarillos have a long tradition both as a working person’s cigar and as a more elegant alternative to smoking a cigar socially.
Cigars by National Origin
Our excellent collection of cigars is sourced from all over the world. Different climates produce surprising differences in taste and experience, and most cigars use leaves from different origins for the wrapping, binding and filling. Here is some of what you can expect from cigars sourced from these global centers of cigar manufacturing.
Dominican Cigars Mexican Cigars Nicaraguan Cigars
The Dominican Republic is known for its excellent soil and indulgent amounts of sunlight. This combination produces deeply flavorful tobacco that is used most often for wrappers. The country has several notable regions, but the most respected is the farming region just outside of the city of Santiago. Mexico is large enough and has enough prime regions to produce several types of Tobacco that are then combined together. Mexican tobacco is popular as filler because of the mild but pleasant taste of the Sumatran tobacco that is most popularly grown there. Nicaragua shares a climate with its neighbor Honduras, and tobacco is exported all over the world from both countries. Cigar manufacturers in this area tend to focus on the Cuban-seed and Connecticut-Seed tobaccos. These varieties are known for their spicy, full-bodied flavor.
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Our stock includes, but is not limited to, these respected labels:
In addition to cigars, we carry all the cigar accessories you need to enjoy a pleasant smoke. We carry specialty cigar lighters from great brands like Colibri and Brizard and Co., and sharp cutters that will cut cleanly without crushing your cigar. You’ll also find other fine tobacco products, including Brigham pipes and packages of flavourful tobacco to stuff in them.
If you’ve only just recently started enjoying pipes or cigars, you’ll be glad to know that we carry everything here that you need to get started, including cleaning kits. Our staff is happy to introduce you to the world of tobacco, to answer any questions you have about getting started, and to help you find the flavor, mouthfeel or degree of conditioning that best matches your taste.

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