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Find the perfect card case to store your business cards or to use as a wallet at Revolucion. No matter what you need in a card case, you’ll find something that suits both your professional needs and your personal style.

What Sets Card Cases Apart?

Card cases are a very personal accessory. When you take yours out to pass someone your business card, they’re going to notice the case before they notice anything about the card. For that reason, cases come in an amazing variety of styles.

Here are some of the ways that card cases set themselves apart from each other.

How Different Cases Set Themselves Apart




Card cases are made out of dozens of materials that can communicate different things to someone about what you value. Professional cases are often made out of a bright, reflective metal like polished stainless steel, or even gold and silver. However, even some formal cases are made of soft materials like leather. Card cases can come with a wide variety of eye-catching designs. Sometimes it’s just effects on the metal like brushing and etching. Other times, it’s more advanced images such as logos, portraits or abstract images. The more subtle designs are considered more professional, but looking good is always “in”. How the cards are secured can be a defining characteristic of card cases, but the best one will mostly depend on your personal needs. Some contain mechanical latches that hold the cards inside with a spring while others achieve the same thing with just an elastic band.




Cases don’t have one set standard size. While they are at least large enough to handle the average size of a business card or credit card. However, they can be quite a bit larger than that, to accommodate oversize cards or to have room to fit extra sleeves and accessories. The width of your case matters depending on how you intend to carry it. The slimmer the case is, the easier it will be to carry in a pocket. However, the wider cases will be able to accommodate more cards. It’s best to take wide cases to events like conventions, and to use thin cases privately. The most recent card cases come with new features that have never been available before. Security features like RFID blockers are available on some the latest cases to block identity thieves in the event that you’re using the case to carry credit cards.

And that’s only the beginning. To find even more interesting combinations, visit our store in Vancouver. We’re happy to let you look at and handle different card cases to see how well they fit your personal style. Remember, these are a first impression, so you should choose one that fits you perfectly.

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