Enhance your living space with the amazing scents of candles. Every man should have a supply of candles in his home to improve the smell of their rooms, whether there was an accident or in general.

How to Use Candles to Create a Better Male Living Space

Candles are great for both daily personal use and when you’re expecting guests. When used personally they can have a calming effect that’s perfect in darker weather or after a long day at work. Any guests, whether it’s your partner or a group of friends, will appreciate fresh scents when they arrive.

One of the most important utilities is that they allow you to create a smell that blooms quickly across a small space. That makes them more effective than many other methods for improving the smell of any space. Have a selection of different scents in your home so that you’re ready to deal with the following...

Major Spills

Spilling a strongly scented liquid like vinegar or wine (or if you just have a plumbing backup) can make for a strong immediate scent that can be difficult to banish. It’s not that difficult at all with candles, however. They can help you cover up the smell quickly, even if only temporarily.

Lighting one will give you the breathing room you need by covering up the scent until you remove the spilled odor with a longer term cleaning solution.

Pet Accidents

People love their pets, but they can produce some unpleasant smells if you don’t have some way to control it. Candles are powerful enough to cover up a lot the bad smells that pets make, at least for as long as it takes you to have some friends over as guests.

Surprise Visits

When you get visits you don’t expect, you can get your guest spaces ready in less than a minute by lighting a one where everyone is going to gather. Even if it’s been a while since you’ve done effective cleaning, you can still make your home or apartment smell fresh.

Set the Mood with the Right Scent

Our collection of candles in Vancouver includes all the scents you need to create the indoor atmosphere that fits your personal style. Here are some of the ways that you can use some of the most popular scents to put the right foot forward.


Vanilla is a great universal scent that almost anyone will like. It’s both pleasant and pungent, meaning it can cover up even strong odors that you want to control.

Outdoor Scents

Outdoor scents like cedar and campfire are perfect for matching a rugged theme inside your home. If the interior design of your home uses a lot of outdoor themed items, you can perfect the mood you’re trying to create with scents that match the occasion.


Herbs like basil can make for a great way to add a sense of sophistication to the inside of your living space. These scents are less common than others, so it can be a great way to communicate who you are.