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Bracelets have been an important fashion accessory for men and women alike for centuries. Our rich selection gives you the chance to find the style that truly matches your style and personality.

Bracelets are a perfect match to both casual and formal wear, and can communicate anything from your personal aesthetics to your support for important causes. As an accessory, they are designed to create a sense of contrast with your clothes.

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Finding the Right Bracelet to Fit Your Style

Adding bracelets to your outfit is always a good choice, because few other fashion items are so versatile for their size. In addition to a range of great styles, we carry some of the top brands including McQ and Harmoda.

Materials and Finishes





Bracelets can be made from many materials, and not just neither leather or animal parts. These kinds of bracelets may be held together through fabrics, cord, plant materials and other interesting choices. Rubber has become particularly popular in recent years, and are strongly associated with international causes. Leather might be one of the oldest types of bracelets ever created. Even today, leather is a popular, warm material that can be easily matched with other natural materials like seashells, semi-precious stones and hand-made beads. Leather is a great casual beach accessory, but can also be matched with formal wear. Silver bracelets are the perfect accessory to a wide range of formal looks and outfits. Choose silver when you don’t want to look too forward or bold. Silver provides a pleasant contrast with white dress shirts and is noticeable without being flashy. Silver bracelets typically have less decoration so it can stand on its own. Gold bracelets are the most noticeable, and the natural choice for anyone who wants to be noticed. In addition to the gold bands, these are often decorated with other attention-grabbing features like precious stones, charms, art and colorful glass beads. Use a gold bracelet when you really want to stand out.

There are many other choices you can make to perfectly match this accessory to your style. Consider the tightness or the looseness of the fits, and consider how each option can communicate a more formal or easy-going personality.

Consider whether yours is best worn with short-sleeve shirts where it can always be seen, or with button-up shirts, where it will occasionally sneak out to offer an interesting contrast to a formal style.

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