Bath and Body

Find everything you need for your bathroom among our carefully curated stock of products. We’ve sourced these bath and body products from all over the world, and we make sure they meet the highest standards for quality and unique character. That’s why they would make a great addition to any hygiene collection.

Bath & Body FAQs

Do bath and body products make good gifts?

Absolutely. Bath and body products make great gifts for men as well as women. All of our products are of exceptional quality so they are appropriate for weddings, professional functions, clients, leaders and any other situation where a tasteful gift is required.

What belongs in a complete bathroom set?

If you have recently moved to a new place, or just moved out of your university dorms, the time is right to start building a set of products for your bathroom. You want options that will help you express your identity to the world. This can be done by matching the right scents together for all of your soaps and skin treatments, and aiming for a theme when it comes to equipment like hair brushes, combs and styling picks.

Creating a theme can be as simple as choosing the same material for each piece — hardwood, bamboo and stainless steel are all popular options for brushes and combs, and they make handsome sets when presented together. You can also buy grooming sets in complete kits so that you have a set that matches perfectly.

Do you sell Canadian bath and body products?

Our shop area includes products from everywhere, but we are proud to offer many products that are sourced from Canada. Please visit our store in Vancouver if you have any questions about our stock.

Contact Us with Any Questions

If you have any questions about our Canadian bath and body products, please contact us using our fast online form. We would love to help you find exactly what you need for yourself or for a loved one.