1pt Tequila Infusion Kit

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Introducing the exquisite Tequila Lover Kit from 1pt  – a captivating collection of multi-blend varieties to create tantalizing infused Tequila Cocktails!

Indulge in the world of spirits, where everyone has their preferred elixir. Whether it's a gift for a dear friend, a cherished family member, or a treat just for you, the 1pt Tequila Lover Kit from 1pt (One Part) is the epitome of satisfaction. Delivered directly to your doorstep, this exceptional kit features three (3) meticulously hand-picked 1pt Infusion Blends, meticulously crafted to enhance your beloved tequila cocktail with the essence of all-natural spices, herbs, and botanicals. Equipped with our enduring lab glass 1pt Infusion Bottle and a resplendent, reusable gold-finish stainless-steel Tasting Straw, you're poised to ascend to the realm of a true mixology maestro within a remarkable 2-6 hours. Raise a glass and toast to the art of libations!


1pt Infusion Bottle + Reusable Tasting Straw
1pt Chili Blend  notes of salty Sencha, zesty citrus, and mouth-tingling chili
1pt Smoky Blend  a matrix of layered black teas offset by ethereal bergamot
1pt Lime Blend  lemon's subtler cousin paired with botanicals and edible grasses

 Anna & Andrew Hellman (USA)

In 2004, the co-founders of award-winning design brand Teroforma, Andrew & Anna Hellman, made their first infusion at home for the Swedish julbord (smörgåsbord at Christmas) they were hosting that year for friends and family (Anna’s a Swede, and Andrew’s half, so that smörgåsbord thing isn't quite as hipstery as it first sounds). It became a tradition, and each year they added new infusions to the lineup until after a while guests would ask to take some home at the end of the evening. They saw a need for simpler cocktails with all-natural ingredients so they put their experience as product designers and brand developers to work and launched 1pt from their Norwalk, CT studio in 2017. The team has grown, the idea has become a business, and now 1pt counts customers as friends and family brought together around one simple belief: everyone should be able to make great cocktails at home!