The best bar mixes include everything you need to make a great cocktail—except the harder ingredients. If you already have a great cabinet collection of liquors, expand it further by picking up a high-quality mix for any occasion.

Mixes save you the risk of running out of just the ingredient you need when you’re hosting a party or entertaining in a more intimate setting. Make sure you always have everyone’s favorite ready to go by investing in a complete collection of every bar mix we carry in Vancouver.

Home isn’t the only place to enjoy a good mixed drink, though. Many of our bar mixes are perfectly sized with all the powders and liquids you need to sail through airport checkpoints—allowing you to build the perfect cocktail just by relaxing and ordering any straight liquor.

The Bar Mixes Every Host Should Have

What bar mixes belong in your cabinet? You should have enough mixes to cover everybody’s favorite cocktails, whether that’s at a party or a closer occasion. Here are six mixers that you want to make sure you have on hand when you’re building a cocktail set…

Gin and Tonic

Old Fashioned

Moscow Mule

A gin and tonic is one of the most classic cocktails, and you should make sure you always have this mix ready for Spring events—when it is most popular as a bubbly refresher. In addition to the mixer, you will, of course, need to buy a quality Gin. An old fashioned is another classic cocktail that no mixing kit should ever be without. You just need bourbon along with the mixer. It’s great to pick up a mixer for an old fashioned, because they can have many different ingredients that are easy to run out of when you’re not paying attention. Moscow Mules are an impressive cocktail to be able to put together on short notice. That’s exactly what having the mixer + Vodka on hand allows you to do. If you really want an impressive cocktail collection, make sure that you pick up the copper Moscow Mule mugs that famously take on the icy temperature of the drink.

Hot Toddy

Bloody Mary


Impress and warm your guests with the Hot Toddy. This citrusy drink is perfect for inviting people in out of the cold, especially duringVancouver winters and very impressive when you have it on hand and ready to be mixed. As long as you have Bourbon on hand to go with the mix, you can make a great Hot Toddy. The Bloody Mary is a famous weekend refresher, perhaps most famously enjoyed at Sunday brunches following nights of adventure. A Bloody Mary is a great cocktail any time of year you have Vodka, whether that means cooling down in the summer or having a heartier drink in the cold winter. Don’t forget this classic mixed drink when you’re filling out yourbar mix collection. The great thing about having this mix on hand is that you can mix it with either Gin or Vodka—creating two different but equally championed methods of preparation.