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The wallet is an essential part of the items that you carry daily. It should be part of the statement that you make to the world, and part of the way that you communicate your lifestyle. If you want to stand out, you’ll find what you’re looking for in our selection of synthetic and leather wallets for men. We’ve curated some of the finest men’s wallets available in Canada.


Bags & Travel Supplies Style Guide

Interested in learning more about matching our variety of luggage options to your needs? Many types of luggage have a long history, and an appropriate match to certain lifestyles. Your luggage makes a statement everywhere you go. If you’re ready to give up the backpack for some more standout options, here are the basics on how to match the right bag to your lifestyle.

Messenger Bag

The messenger bag is a functional lightweight shoulder bag, often available in leather, cloth and tech fabrics. It’s typically best-matched to a casual, on-the-go style. Of course, many leather messenger bags are sharp enough to match a semi-formal look.  

Duffel Bag

Duffel bags are the timeless friend of the casual traveler. They’re light, roomy and often comfortable to carry. High-quality leather duffel bags, when properly cared for, can last long enough to carry a lifetime of nostalgic memories of past adventures. They look even better years later when they’re carrying creases and patches from across the world.


Every young professional should have a briefcase to match their most professional outfits. A floppier messenger bag is going to clash with the sharp-cut look of a formal suit, whereas a solid briefcase is the perfect finisher to the look. Leather briefcases are the most timeless look, and look great in black or brown.

Rolling Suitcase

The rolling suitcase is a purely functional option, but no world-traveler should be caught without one. Few other luggage types will save you as much frustration when you’re looking at multiple days of flights, drives or sailing. No, they aren’t the most stylish, but neither is looking sweaty and exhausted in the airport. Add one to your collection.

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