Luggage and Leather Bags in Vancouver

Bags are just as much a part of your personal style as your clothes are. Whether you’re hauling what you need to work, across campus or on an airplane, you’re sending a message about who you are when you carry the perfect option in the sharpest styles. Whether you are in search of a leather bag for everyday use, luggage for a business trip, or a briefcase for your commute to work, we have something to suit your need and your style.

Not every bag is suitable for every occasion. Choosing the right bag for different settings, events and environments requires having a small collection. If you need to expand your collection, you’ve come to the right place.

Expand Your Collection with the Right Bag

Get the right bag for every need. These are some of the most common types of bags that should be part of every collection.

Different Types of Bags

Clutch Bags

Luggage Bags


A clutch bag is a small type of handbag. It resembles a purse without any strap on it, hence the name. It’s gripped and carried with the hand, or placed in a larger bag for better organization. While clutches have traditionally been a women’s bag, Men’s clutch bags have become popular for professionals who carry a lot of devices, or small tools. Our selection of luggage in Vancouver is specifically designed for long travel, and are strong and flexible enough to carry a significant amount of weight. Easy portability is also an important feature of luggage bags, and this is often improved with the use of creative straps, handles, and organizational features. Non-luggage backs are rarely as effective at what they do as luggage bags. Briefcases have a long history as being a professional's best friend. The latest briefcases in Vancouver have more interesting features than ever before. They’re designed with the latest materials and include everything you need to safely contain electronic devices without risking damage.

Executive Bags

Commuter Bags

Crossbody Bags

Executive bags are a soft style of briefcase that are designed to carry everything a professional needs. The soft material is often leather or a synthetic cloth. Commuter bags don’t have a set appearance. Instead, they are designed for maximum portability while keeping a professional look. Appropriately, they are often black or brown. Crossbody bags are another type of soft briefcase-like bag. They are designed to be carried behind the back with the strap passing across the chest. They have a professional appearance and are often made of real or synthetic leather.

This is only the beginning. For each of these types of bags, there are many subtypes that are designed to perfectly meet your needs. Almost all of these bags come in both formal and casual options, and other options may determine whether they are better for carrying clothes, papers or electronic devices.

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