Apparel Accessories in Vancouver

There are a lot of little things that go into having a great looking outfit, whether it is for formal occasions, for business, or just any moment when you want to look your best. Apparel accessories are a great way to make sure that your clothing and shoes always look their best, and we carry high quality products from top brands like Walter’s Shoe Care and M-Clip.

Whether you want an accessory to wear with an outfit, or something to help care for and maintain your best clothing, you can find what you need with us.

Choosing Accessories You Need

There are a lot of accessories you can use, but depending on what kind of outfits you have and what your personal style is, you may not need certain types. Here are some accessories we carry to help you choose.

Shoe Brush

Shoe Care Kit

Tie Clip

A polishing brush for your shoe works great at buffing and shining your shoes. They are especially effective on leather shoes, and can be made from premium wooden and animal hair materials. If you have a collection of nice shoes, a good brush will help them look better when you need them to.

If you’re really serious about your shoe collection, you can get a total shoe care kit. It comes with everything you need to clean, protect, and polish your shoes. Along with a brush, you might get special sprays, creams and polish to guard against dirt and water, as well as give even more shine.

If you often wear a tie, for business or for formal events, a tie clip is a great accessory to help you always look clean, crisp and composed. It works by clipping your tie onto your shirt, so it doesn’t constantly swing around as you move. You can get some very nice looking ones that compliment your style as a visual accessory as well.

For the avid shoe collectors, we carry the Walter’s Shoe Care brand precisely because of their long history for creating quality products. Have you ever had your shoes shined or cleaned in an airport? Odds are they were using a brush or polish made by Walter’s. Now you can purchase the same premium shoe care accessories for your own use.

Ask Us About Our Accessories for Men’s Apparel in Vancouver and Online

For men who are just discovering their sense of style and might not know much about all of the different types of accessories that are out there, we’re ready to help. We can give advice, show off different products that might suit you, and help steer you in a direction that makes sense for your personal aesthetic.

You can contact us at any time, either online through email or our contact form or in person by calling us or stopping by our flagship store in Vancouver.