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How to Stand Out with Men’s Apparel

Choose bold options from among our great selection of men’s apparel in Vancouver. We carry an eclectic selection of menswear for our customers who prefer the finer things. Check out these tips on how to wear our styles with pride.

Don't Dress Down Don’t be Afraid of Color Get Personal
Don’t wear formal to every occasion, but if you want to stand out, at least don’t dress down from the acceptable standard for the event you’re attending. Even if you’re wearing a simple arrangement, you can wear it perfectly ironed with matching shoes and all of the right accessories. Take care when putting outfits together for an evening. People will always notice the effort. Men’s apparel, formal or not, features a lot of dark shades of grey, black and blue. No, it’s not as traditional, but that doesn’t make it a bad choice. Most people don’t experiment with color because they don’t want to rock the boat. That’s why color matters so much when you want to be seen: it’s boldness and courage as a style. Definitely learn from the best when you start planning a more serious look. Look up books and articles to see how different items are best matched together. After that though, start developing your own  personal style that can be used to set you apart. Experiment until you find a look that’s natural to your daily needs and personal preferences.

Finish Your Set of Accessories!

No style is complete without the right accessories. Find out why you need these crucial men’s apparel accessories and where you can find them in our extensive collection!

Ties Pocket Squares Socks
Ties are often the most standout part of any business or formal attire, so it’s important that you choose ties that are a real reflection of who you are. Ties come in patterns that range from simple colors to bizarre patterns. We carry an excellent selection that is sure to include something that’s right for you. Check out our ties, here. Pocket squares are placed in the breast pocket to create a flash of color not unlike the effect created by a corsage. They are often sold in sets with ties to either match or contrast with the design of the other. It’s helpful to have pocket squares to fit all of the suits that you own. You can find the pocket squares that we carry here. No formal apparel is complete without some stylish socks. Men need to have several pairs for different occasions. It’s important that men have both formal and casual socks for different levels of formal wear and, if personal style dictates, something a bit unique and stylistically out-of-the-box.

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