CIGAR HUMIDOR: Do You Really Need It?

July 29, 2019 2 min read

CIGAR HUMIDOR: Do You Really Need It?

Have you found yourself browsing in your collection for cigars to smoke and wind up running crosswise dried-up or moldy cigars that suffered from the natural environment of your place? 


A few cigars that have not been well cared for can be rescued, yet many can't, and regardless, they will lose probably a portion of their quality and flavor. A dry cigar is something all cigar smokers will want to avoid, as it can create a bad tasting smoke. When you realize you love smoking cigars, it turns into a need to purchase a humidor and save your cigars from this miserable destiny. 


Yes, if you have a very small collection, you can keep them in zip-lock bags. However, securing your cigars by keeping them in a climate-controlled environment saves you money, so you can think of a humidor as an investment.


Cigar Humidor Revolucion Style Cigar Shop Vancouver


A good humidor will not only protect your cigars but will quickly become a cherished piece of furniture and home decor. Our selection of humidors varies from the best humidors that you can buy to collection size and budget. 


The Hacienda Humidor from Brizard & Co., for example, is constructed from vintage black walnut, a wood that's prized for its dark color, grain lines, and hefty strength. Hewn from logs over half a century old, each piece has its own rugged character with superficial knotholes, cuts, grooves and splits in the wood. No two are exactly the same. Hacienda is the first humidor fully designed to be humidified with Boveda humidification system. Boveda humidity packs are the most precise to regulate and maintain correct humidity atmosphere and are endorsed by most reputable tobacconist and cigar brands. The Hacienda is a unique statement piece with a robust, masculine aesthetic. And when you've had it with unoriginal, run-of-the-mill humidors, there's only one thing left to do—get a humidor that nobody else has.


Hacienda Humidor Revolucion Style Cigar Shop Vancouver


Another stunning option is Colibri Quasar Humidor, one of the most magnificent displays of power and color that can occur in outer space. It is a truly awe-inspiring sight to behold. This marvel is the brainchild of the always innovative people at Colibri and the foremost expert on humidor craftsmanship, Daniel Marshall. These limited edition masterpieces are handcrafted at Marshall's workshop in California and designed in New York by Colibri with only 200 units being produced of each size. The outside is comprised of Honduran mahogany, and the interior is lined with untreated Spanish cedar. Every Colibri Quasar comes equipped with Daniel Marshall's humidification system, a digital hygrometer, two adjustable dividers, and Daniel Marshall's lifetime warranty. 


Although cigars is an expensive passion, cigar storage doesn't always have to be as pricey. Whether it's due to budget restrictions or simply the need for cheap storage, it's not always possible to buy and own a premium quality humidor. So, we've also covered cheap humidors for storage options from $50.


Get the most enjoyment from your cigars with all the high-quality accessories you need to light, cut, and store your collection.




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