Amplify Your Lifestyle

June 21, 2019 4 min read

Amplify Your Lifestyle

Revolucion Lifestyle, one of Canada’s premier Cuban cigar providers, is the best way to amplify your promotional event, VIP party, bachelor party, and virtually any other celebration you can think of. As Cuban Cigar Specialists and cigar aficionados, we bring the finest premium Cuban cigars to your event, and – since we’ve seen it before – we know that Revolucion Lifestyle can turn a dull get-together into a night to remember.


Everyone wants something to talk about. They want something that will break the ice. If you’re at a party with a stranger that you’d really love to chat with, it can be hard to start a conversation. Random chatter is the lifeblood of a social event, and, unfortunately, according to Steve Bressert, Ph.D., as many as 40-60% of adults report themselves as “shy.”

Cigars, whether you like them or not, can change that. Besides the silky smooth draw and the hard hit of dopamine that our collection of Cuban cigars can give you, the most significant difference we can make in any event is giving you something to talk about.

It’s challenging to approach the beautiful blonde bombshell with something as simple as, “Hi, my name is Dave.” That puts all the pressure on Dave. He has to show the beautiful woman that he’s someone worth talking to.
It’s much, much easier if – as we introduce her to our fine collection of Cuban cigars – Dave walks up to the booth and asks, “What’s all this?” We can then ease them into a conversation. Or, better yet, Dave might ask her if she would like a cigar. And, as we’ve mentioned in one of our previous articles, cigars aren’t just for men. Maybe she would like a smoke.

The point is that the emphasis isn’t on Dave, it’s on us.

We can give them something to talk about something to remember.

Even though cigars are becoming increasingly popular at events for women across the world, we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention one of the biggest parties we service…

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Promotional Events for Brands and Product Launches

Cigar tastings are a great way to promote your brand. If you own a business that’s in line with our brand (which you can check out on Instagram), you might want to liven up any promo event – PR, giveaway, food or drink tasting, etc. – with a few of our finest Cuban cigars.

We recently did several high-profile events with Whisky Smoke (whiskey and cigars – what a great combo!), the Alec Bradley tasting, Extravaganza, BeWise, Hopscotch Festival, Gentlemen’s Night, Where to Dine Awards, and more.

Some of our upcoming events include PunchBowl, Whisky Smoke, Hopscotch Vancouver, and Whisky Global.

We collaborate with the event hostess to amplify your promo to the next level.
But we’re certainly not limited to traditionally masculine businesses. If you think you can benefit from our services, you’re probably right. Contact us today.

cigar shop vancouver - vip events


VIP Parties 

There are two types of VIP parties that we service:

Closed VIP Parties
Revolucion Lifestyle VIP Parties

For the former, the closed VIP parties, we’re just along for the ride. If you’re in charge of a high-profile event, and you want to give your attendees a luxury experience, consider hiring us to supply them with the best Cuban cigars that Canada has to offer. As you can see above, there are plenty of brands and businesses that mesh well with our brand and service.

For the latter, our Revolucion Lifestyle VIP Parties, we host an event for our VIP customers. These are the people who have been with us from the start, helping our company grow into what it is today. Even if you just heard about our brand, though, you can learn more about this event by joining our email list.

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Bachelor Parties

For bachelor parties, there’s no better bonding experience than lighting up a few cigars with your buds and looking back on the times you spent together. Everything can get in the way of your social life. Your job, your hobbies, your health – all of it can take time away from the guys you grew up with, and now you’re embarking on the biggest journey of all: starting a family. (Whether you and your loved one plan on having kids or not, you’re still a family).

Your best friends know how much time that’s going to take up. “Family first” is a motto that many people live by. They know that, soon enough, you’re not going to be nearly as free to hang out with them as before.

What better way to celebrate your new journey than by lighting up some Cuban cigars and puffing them like you’re part of the Mafia?

You still need to make time for the friends that stayed by your side, and fresh Cuban cigars offer a bonding experience like no other. Men have an innate need for ritual. It dates back as far as it can, since we started recording history – and probably before.

Let us help you give your friends that ritual, even something as simple as a few fresh Cuban cigars.

Even though bachelor parties are one of the most traditional events that we service, it’s by no means the only one. Cigars can spice up plenty of other social events, too.


cigar shop vancouver - vip events


Revolucion Lifestyle can amplify your party. Not only will it give your friends, family, and fans something to talk about, but it’s a great bonding experience, as well.

We have no doubt that your event will benefit if we’re involved.

If you’re interested, contact us today.