Toothpicks in Vancouver

When you’re on the go at work or on a night out at a restaurant, it’s always good to have your own toothpicks with you. You can find a large selection of styles, flavours, materials and brands at our Vancouver store and in our online collection. Whether you want to clean your teeth or just chew on them for pleasure, you can find a product that suits your style.

Our stock is carefully sourced from some of the best brands all over the world. Shop our quality products from top quality sources like Daneson.

Finding Your Favourite Toothpick

You might not know a lot about toothpicks, but they can come in a wide variety of styles to choose from, with each type offering a different experience than the plain wooden ones you find at a restaurant.




Toothpicks can be made from a number of different materials. Wood is the most common and versatile, as it traps flavours, oils and odors in better than metal or plastic. The feeling of chewing on a toothpick tends to be more pleasant than harder materials like metal.

If you’re going to be sticking something in your mouth, it might as well taste good. That’s why we carry products that offer great flavours — mint or cinnamon toothpicks are the most popular, but we also carry premium varieties such as bourbon or single malt scotch.

You can most commonly find toothpicks in packs of a dozen, which is what we carry from Daneson. This gives you more flexibility to test different flavours, or mix all of your favourites into a single purchase.

Premium Daneson Toothpicks in Our Collection

These aren’t just any toothpicks. Daneson creates their products right here in Canada from all-natural American northern white birch wood. They use only real and natural ingredients that they source from independent suppliers, and the difference in quality is easily noticeable. Everything from their packaging to the great flavours they provide stand out.

You use them with the burnt tip facing away from your teeth, which helps release all of the scents and flavours contained in the birch wood. It allows for the flavours to slowly and subtly work their way out as you use them, instead of having an explosion of flavour at the start that quickly fades away.

They also place importance on sustainability, and make sure to plant one hundred trees for every single one they cut down to use for their products.

Have Questions About Our Toothpicks in Vancouver or Online?

If you want to know more about toothpicks in general, or about the specific products we carry, you can contact us at any time. You can email or call us, or fill out the form on our contact page. You can also stop by our flagship store located in Vancouver if you want to ask us in person.