Pocket Watches in Vancouver

Pocket watches have been a standard accessory to go with formal wear for centuries. Today, the latest models have all of the class and eye-catching appeal of the past, but matched with some of the latest advancements in manufacturing.

Our carefully chosen collection includes pocket watches of all sizes and styles.

Wearing Pocket Watches: A Style Guide

Are you new to the world of pocket watches? Don’t worry, because it’s easy to find the perfect pocket that you’ll treasure and even be able to pass down to your children.

When to Wear

Pocket watches are best matched with formal wear of all types, from the most casual-formal to black evening wear. These types of watches also make for excellent travel companions when you want to keep your wrists free. Along with a good journal and a great pen, they have been part of the traveling-for-pleasure uniform since introduction.

How to Match to Formal Wear

To properly match your new pocket watch to your formal wear, try to match the different elements of the watch to the style of your suit. For example, match classic-to-classic or modern-to-modern. For more somber events, choose pocket watches that are finished in gold or silver, and not outwardly ostentatious. For events where you want to show your personality, choose extravagant models that are etched or engraved with patterns and designs that are more bold.

What to Look for to Choose the Right Pocket Watch

Many parts of a pocket watch show off the unique style, and mark them as better suited to a personal style. Here are some of the points you should consider when shopping your watch.





The finish of the pocket watch is the most immediately noticeable by anyone who sees you pull it out. Gold, Silver, Stainless Steel and other metals are all popular finishes. When you choose your finish, consider how important it is to your style to be noticed. The face is the next most noticeable element, hidden until the moment that the case is opened. Faces are usually white, but may be any color or shade. Go white for traditional formal occasions, or something a little more trailblazing for livelier events. The dials refer to what is tracked by the watch. Usually just time, but some watches have one or two smaller dials that serve to track other measurements. Watches with chronometers and other dials are useful to those who can really use them. Pocket watches may work in several different ways. Some are what is called auto-winding, which means they work continuously without any extra effort. The more classic option is watches that need to be wound daily to work properly.

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