The Art of the Vitola: Exploring the Varieties in Cigar Sizes and Shapes

December 27, 2023 3 min read

The Art of the Vitola

The world of cigars offers a variety of unique and diverse experiences and sensations, bathed in complexity, dedication, time, and luxury, where each size, blend, wrapper, and binder tells its own unique story with every puff.

Ever wondered how the Vitola (size) of a cigar can alter your experience? Let's delve into the vast world of cigars and their diverse formats, and how these influence your perception of flavours, sensations, and aromas while maintaining the same blend.

Blend: The foundation of a good cigar

To understand the complexity and the reason behind cigars, we must delve deeper and understand what a blend is. It consists of a unique mixture and selection of different varieties of leaves from different parts of the plant, being the essence of a cigar, thus determining its flavor, intensity, aromas, behaviors, and notes.

These blends are crafted by master blenders, who perform meticulous work to provide a cigar with a consistent and enjoyable blend, regardless of the size or Vitola the cigar is being crafted into.

The rationale behind sizes

The ring gauge and Vitola are the first determining steps in the sensory diversity of a cigar, being the thickness and length. Thicker formats often display a broader range of smoother flavors, attributable to the higher volume of tobacco burning. Meanwhile, thinner Vitolas tends to offer an experience focused on providing subtle and intense nuances. However, all these factors depend GREATLY on the type of blend and wrapper the cigar has, making these affirmations are somewhat subjective.

Comparing Vitolas; A broad discovery of nuances

To further understand the influence of a cigar's size, the Casa Turrent 1880 line of Colorado wrapper cigars is an excellent example. This line offers us four different Vitolas with the same blend, which can provide four different experiences according to our choice. Initially, we must understand that a cigar's blend is usually made from a Robusto or Corona Vitola; in this case, it would be the Robusto. Consequently, the Perfecto or Figurado Vitola will change our perception of the cigar due to the concentration of smoke where the cut is made, resulting in a stronger smoke, while the Double Robusto, being a thicker cigar, tends to have a greater airflow, leading to a much smoother smoke. On the other hand, the Lancero enhances and helps the smoker appreciate more the flavors and characteristics of the wrapper, which is the most expensive and carefully tended leaf by the tobacco growers; in this case, a Colorado wrapper, additionally, this Vitola is one of the most challenging to make and one of the most sophisticated among smokers. Finally, the Robusto is the base cigar, delivering what the Master Blender was feeling when creating a blend.

Casa Turrent size comparation, short robusto, perfecto, double robusto, lancero

In pursuit of the perfect experience, exploring different cigar sizes with the same blend is an adventure that invites discovering new nuances and appreciating the mastery of tobacco. n the world of cigars, size does matter – significantly so!

We invite all cigar enthusiasts to embark on this sensory journey! Fortunately, Revolucion Cigar Store has a big selection of cigars, especially cigars with the same blend but different sizes. We invite you to share your experiences and discoveries in our cigar reviews section. Tell us about your reactions, ask questions, and join our community of enthusiasts. We eagerly await your insights!

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