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Secrid Men Aluminium Dual Card Protector Leather Case RFID Twinwallet Black


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Product Description

 The Twinwallet has two card protectors which securely hold your cards and prevent them from breaking and bending. The Secrid Wallet Cardprotector is enclosed with a corrected-grain leather made from European Cowhide and rich natural wax finishing making the wallet a beauty unbeatable by time and it is scratch stained resistant. The wallet has aluminum card sliders that can hold more than 16 cards and 2 extra pockets for cards, money, credit cards, debit cards, loyalty cards, etc, along with a folded cash well pocket. This classic bi-fold wallet can hold large quantities and it is lightweight to carry around in your pocket with RFID blocking technology. The mini wallet is very classy and luxurious that you can carry it to the office, parties, and gatherings anywhere everywhere.Size- 70 X 102 X 25 mm and weight - 130 g. Color -Black leather case and gray  steel card slider.