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Secrid Slimwallet Dutch Martin Bordeaux


Product Description

The SLIMWALLET comes without a press stud toggle, making it even slimmer than the MINIWALLET. Its size allows a perfect fit in the breast pocket of a jacket. With a wider cut casing, the wallet offers more space for cards, cash and business cards in its leather interior.

Clever wallets made and designed in Holland. Each wallet includes an aluminum card holder case which protects against unauthorized scanning and physical strain. With a click, all cards slide out gradually allowing easy access to the right card. 

Cards, cash, receipts and business cards. Whatever you want to carry, the city secrid wallets provide protection and convenience. The City secrid wallet is a combination of aluminum secrid card protector and a quality leather wallet.

  • 6 major passes are protected in the card protector
  • 2 compartments for bills, coins or max 6 unprotected fit
  • special compartment for business cards and / or notes