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Organic Greek Fir Honey


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Product Description

Drizzle it on yogurt, add it to any dessert or stir it in tea—Greeks love their honey!

While it is true that Greeks love their honey, not all honeys are made equal. Generic honeys are often too sweet, and have a grainy texture. Our organic fir honey is quite the opposite.

This organic fir honey (or elatomelo as it's called in Greek) is produced at a 2000 metre elevation at Mount Mainalon in Greece (protected district of origin), and is referred to as the Vanilla of Mainalon, for its subtle colour and remarkable taste. It is also produced from honey bees feeding on fir trees. After every season, the honey is collected and enjoyed.

This organic fir honey is quite unique. While conventional farmers may feed their bees sugar water during their dormant period, we let them feast on honey produced from the heather flowers. Also our bees feed locally, and we do not spray our fir trees. 

Smooth and aromatic. No granulation, no sicky sweet taste. Due to a low moisture content, our organic fir honey does not crystallize and is low in both fructose and glucose. Soft and spreadable, and recommended for diabetics and people with sugar metabolism issues. This honey is also rich in iron and calcium, and helps the body absorb essential vitamins and minerals. It also contains choline, which protects the gut from cancer (as found by the American Health Institute in New York, Rad et Al. 1994).

Honey not pasteurized. Naturally, honey is low in bacteria and excessive heat will destroy the honey's beneficial enzymes. For this reason, this organic fir honey is packed-full of nutrients, and great taste!