Lamp: A lamp in plum coloured lacquered glass, with a modern style from its shape and colour. The smoothness of the lamp's body (rounded angles) contrasts with the geometry of the new square mounting.

Comes in transparent, satin-finish and plum.

New square mounting , in shiny silver metal,   engraved "LAMPE BERGER PARIS".  Capacity: 260ml.

Case: blue cardboard gift box in the standardised brand design with a decorative slip-on cover that highlights the lamp model. Inside, the lamp comes in a protective pouch and a separate box contains the accessories. Multilingual instructions inside. The Lampe Berger ritual instructions are on the back and bottom of the box. Dimensions: 21cm wide x 13cm high x 16cm deep.

Material :Glass

Capacity : 260 ml

height : 12.5 cm

Top : Silver Metal

color: plum

weight : 500 g