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Claude Monet by Today Is Art Day


Product Description

Claude Monet Impressionist Action Figure Doll

  • 5 inches tall, made of PVC plastic
  • Soak him in hot water to see new colours
  • Includes mini cut-and-fold easel and 5 masterpieces
  • Small parts, intended for ages 12 and up
  • 10 little-known Monet facts displayed on the box

Discover Claude Monet with this playful, educational figurine—he’s best known for his water lilies, but did you also know he once turned a small boat into a floating studio? You’ll find this fact and nine others on this colourful, attractive box. The Impressionist comes to life with a lily in his hand and frog in his front pocket. Place him in hot water and watch new colours emerge. Use the mini cut-out easel to display one of five included paintings: Bridge Over Pond of Water Lilies, Impression, Sunrise, Woman with a Parasol, The Magpie, Grainstack, Sunset.  Today Is Art Day turns history’s celebrated artists into action figures that aim to educate with interesting trivia and true-to-the-past accessories. Collect them all.