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Cigarette Holders - Friend Holder Eject


Product Description

Generally, Friend Holders have no crystals or chemicals and they are scientifically designed and constructed to make smoking more pleasant by reducing tar without affecting the original flavour. They have a condensation chamber that concentrates and accelerates tobacco smoke through tiny air holes, trapping harmful particles and the result is a powerful double-acting filtering system that leaves tar and nicotine trapped in a neat, no-mess disposable cartridge.

This model is suitable for normal size cigarettes. The set includes one full-length holder with silver accents around the middle section and 6 spare Friend filters. The black mouthpiece ejects the spent cigarette butt with one simple action; there is no need to touch the cigarette when it’s finished, just hold the mouthpiece and pull back the front section to eject the cigarette straight into the ashtray in order to avoid getting unsightly stains on the fingers.